What happens when you graduate?

You will lose access to many IT systems (including email and Minerva) at the end of your study, so you should ensure you have copies of any vital information, and let people know about your change of email address.

Registering for your graduation ceremony

You can still register for your graduation ceremony even after your IT account has changed. Log in to the Student Services site using your normal username and password, then: 

Print Credit Refunds

At the end of your studies you can ask for a refund of unused MyPrint credits you've bought if:

Any MyPrint credits issued by the University will go in the "Free" purse, whereas any MyPrint credits you buy will go in the "Purchased" purse. You can see your balances at the website myprint.leeds.ac.uk.

Only purchased credits are eligible for refund. Free credits cannot be exchanged for money.

Image showing the balance section on the summary page of the MyPrint website

To request a refund please complete the MyPrint Purchased Credit Refund form.

MyPrint credits will be refunded back to the debit/credit card you originally used to buy the credits.