Setting up Office 365 in Mac Mail

The following instructions show how to set up Office 365 e-mail using Mac Mail. This tutorial was created using Mac OS X Yosemite but the process should be the same for all recent versions of the operating system.

Open System Preferences from the Apple Menu, the Dock or the Applications folder. Click on Internet Accounts.

You'll need to remove your old e-mail account as the settings will not work with the new system. This will not delete your e-mail as it is stored on the server. To do this, select your old University account, and click the minus sign.

Enter your, password and Server Address as:

You will then be presented with an account summary. If you click Continue, you can choose which options to synchronise. If you want to sync your Calendar and Contacts, you'll need to make sure these are selected.

Mac Mail is now configured to use Office 365. Open your Mail application and your e-mail should automatically be synchronised. Contact the IT Service Desk if you have any problems.

Note: If you are unsure of the server settings for your account (for example, if you have an @btinternet address), please see this Apple Support page.