Connect to Wi-Fi using the "Wi-Fi Setup" network

The University uses the Eduroam (Education Roaming) Wi-Fi network. It’s fast, secure and you can use it to get online at many other universities around the world. You can get connected to Eduroam by using the Wi-Fi setup network.

From the list of available wireless networks, select WiFi setup - University of Leeds

  1. Once connected, open a browser and go to an external website

    You should be re-directed to the JoinNow configuration screen

    Some browsers may block the re-direction as a security measure. If you do not see the JoinNow screen enter the following in the browser address bar:

    Click the top eduroam option if you have an address.  If you have an admin account select the second option

    image showing eduroam choices
  2. It will detect and display your Operating System. Click the "JoinNow" button
    image showing Join Now button
  3. You'll be guided through a wizard which will configure your device with the settings required to connect to Eduroam
  4. Depending on the type of device you may be asked to run an installer, install certificates or a profile onto your device. Please follow these steps, as these settings are required to connect to the Eduroam network
  5. The Wi-Fi setup utility will ask you to enter your university login details, use the format for your username (or if you have an admin account) then click "Next"

    image showing login screen

  6. The Wi-Fi setup utility will then configure your device and attempt to log you on to the Eduroam network

If the utility fails to connect you to Eduroam, the most common causes are:

If you are not from the University of Leeds you will need to contact your home institution for help

More details can be found at this address: