The Ecosia search

The default search provider on browsers in teaching clusters is now Ecosia.

What is Ecosia search?

Ecosia is an internet search provider, powered by Microsoft's Bing search technology. The Ecosia company is a non-profit organisation that uses the revenue generated from web searching to support reforestation.

Leeds University Union, LUU, have requested that the University adopts the Ecosia search engine as its default search in University clusters to support the organisation's efforts in reforestation.

The data protection and privacy implications of this change have been reviewed. We can confirm there are no concerns in this area.

You can see more about Ecosia's data protection and privacy here:

If you want to know more about Ecosia you can find further information on their website:

Changing Search Provider

If you want or need to use an alternative search engine, such as Google you can simply type the search providers name into the Ecosia search and find it. Then click the desired link to go to your prefered alternative search provider.