Banner Reports & Pop-Up Blockers

Banner Reports and Pop-Up Blockers - Instructions For Banner Users

This document explains how to resolve the problem where Banner’s report windows sometimes fail to appear in Internet Explorer (IE).

However, before following these instructions, please note that it is possible for pop-ups and “spawned” IE windows to appear as new tabs instead within an already open IE window. This event will often not be visible from the Banner forms screen as it happens on the tabs in the original IE window that was used to launch Banner, which is typically minimised or in the background. Therefore, please remember to check all open Internet Explorer windows before concluding that a Banner Reports window has failed to open. (The “standard” installation of IE9 defaults to these settings, for example, although they can easily be changed if necessary. However, this is not covered by this document).

So, assuming that your missing Banner report has not become a tab, here are the instructions for handling pop-up blockers:

The non-appearance of a Banner (or INB) reports window is typically caused by a pop-up blocker getting in the way.  There are several ways in which pop-up blocking can be implemented in Internet Explorer (which is used to run Banner), but these instructions only refer to the most common methods:

The pop-up blocker most likely to affect Banner is the Google Toolbar (if it is installed in Internet Explorer), although the Yahoo toolbar also has similar characteristics.  Therefore, you should check for these first:

[a]  A quick way of getting a "blocked" report to run is to hold down the control ("Ctrl") key while you click on the "save" icon in Banner (in form GJACPTL) to launch the report.  The "Ctrl" key disables the Google (and Yahoo) pop-up blocker while it is held down, so if the report runs while doing this, it proves that the Google (or Yahoo) blocker is causing the problem.

[b]  Then, if you wish to resolve the pop-up issue more permanently and to avoid holding down the "Ctrl" key every time you start a Banner report, you can disable the Google toolbar altogether by right-clicking over the toolbar area in Internet Explorer (IE) and de-selecting it from the list that appears.  Please bear in mind that this method turns off the entire toolbar.

OR, [c]  if you want to keep using the other features of the Google toolbar, you can go to the Internet Explorer "launch window" that appears immediately after clicking the Banner shortcut and then click the Google button that contains the number of pop-ups blocked, so that it changes to say "site popups allowed".  However, be aware that this will also restart your INB session.  (This wording is specific to the Google toolbar, but the Yahoo one works in a similar way).

However, if Google or Yahoo are NOT the source of the pop-up blocking, it is also possible that Internet Explorer may recently have been upgraded on your PC and that this may have turned on the built-in pop-up blocker.  However, unlike Google & Yahoo's blockers, this one does not respond to the "Ctrl" key.  Therefore, in order to check for this (and to turn it off if necessary), can you please do the following:


[1]  Close Banner (if it is running), and then open Internet Explorer and click on "Tools" in the menu.

[2]  Move your mouse over "Pop-up Blocker" and note what options appear beside it.

[3a]  If the first option in the list is "Turn Off Pop-up Blocker", it means that it is currently turned on - in which case, please click on it to turn it off.  Then reload Banner and see if you can now run reports…


[3b]  If the first option is "Turn On Pop-up Blocker", then is it already switched off and is not the cause of the problem.  In this case, also note whether or not you have the "MySearch" toolbar installed in IE, as this could be the (other) problem - but I'll go into that separately if I need to!

Version 3.0 (Last updated by Paul M Baxter on 24 Sep 2012)