Installing Internet Native Banner (INB) In Windows 7

This page explains how to install Internet Native Banner (INB) on a Windows 7 PC.

You must have administrator privileges on the PC and a "current" version of 32-bit Java must be installed.

[1]  Click on the following 2 links:



… and save the 2 files temporarily to your Windows desktop.

[2]  Then right-click on each saved file and select “Run as administrator”, after which you may need to click “Yes” on a User Account Control dialogue box.

[3] In the WinZip Self-Extractor dialogue box that follows, you should click “Unzip” (using the default values).  Then click “OK” and “Close” to finish.

[4] Before trying to start Banner (INB), you should first ensure that any Internet Explorer windows that may be open are closed.

[5]  Don’t forget to delete the 2 temporary EXE files from your desktop once you know that the installation of Banner is successful.