Installing The Banner ODBC Driver In Windows 7

The Banner ODBC driver can be installed on a Windows 7 PC as follows:  

[a]  Ensure that you are logged on to the Windows 7 PC using an administrator account with full privileges.  

[b]  Temporarily save the Banner ODBC driver installer by saving the EXE file from here to the desktop (or somewhere memorable):  

[c]  Then right-click on the saved EXE file and run it “as administrator”.  (You’ll need to do this even though you are already logged on as an administrator!).  

[d]  The installation process should then take only a few seconds, but there will be no notification messages to denote success or failure as the package was designed to run “silently” for remote installations.  The easiest way to see if it has installed successfully is to create a link in MS Access (can you see “BANNER_ODBC_PROD” in the System DSN list?), or to try running an existing ODBC query (if your PC has already been added to the Banner Firewall).

[e]  Once the main driver has been installed successfully, the BREP System DSN will need to be installed separately.  To do this, click on and open up the zip file.  Then double-click on file "Insert_DSN__BANNER_ODBC_BREP.reg" to start the registry update that will add the BREP ODBC link and click "OK" and "Yes" at the 3 or 4 caution and confirmation messages during the process.

** Note:  ODBC connectivity to the Banner database will not work unless the PC has been granted access via the Banner Firewall, which you may also need to request separately via the IT Service Desk.