ODBC Queries

Pre-written ODBC queries and documentation, to download information from Banner to MS Access.

PLEASE NOTE - you will only be able to run these queries if you have undertaken B280 ODBC Links training. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you will need to right-click on the queries and select the 'Save Link As...' option to download them.

Students with a Disability

These queries can be used to download a list of students with a disability (as recorded on the SWAMEDI form in Banner), either by school or module.


Departmental Exam Marks

These queries can be used to download information on exams. Included are queries, reports and instructions on how to;

  • Download exam marks for a school, programme, module or an individual
  • Download exam marks for elective/discovery modules, both for your students studying outside your school and students from outside your school, studying elective modules with you
  • Run an exam statistics report for undergraduate or taugh postgraduate module marks
  • Download lists of students who have applied or are eligible for August resits and carried modules

UCAS Applicants

These queries can be used to download a list of all UCAS applicants for a selector centre, showing any current decisions.


PGR Data

These queries can be used to download lists of all research students, supervisors, thesis titles, suspensions and transfers by school or faculty.