New Users

Information for staff who want Banner access.

To gain access to Banner you must undertake the following steps;

Step 1 - Familiarise yourself with the University's Information Protection Policy and Code of Practice on Data Protection.

Step 2 - Complete an Application for a Banner Username, noting that all forms must be signed by an authorised signatory, before they are sent to IT Service Desk (Level 10, E C Stoner Building). Please send the paper copy of the form, not a scanned version.

Step 3 - Attend the B200 Banner Navigation course and, at least, one other training session.

Banner Navigation is offered at the beginning of each month and is a prerequisite for all other Banner courses. The second session you attend may depend upon your role, however, attendance of B400 Enquiry & Reporting is strongly recommended.

The Schedule page shows a list of Banner training that is available over the next three months, whilst the Annual Plan shows the seasonal training that is available across the year.

If you are unable to attend the scheduled training; local training can be provided by a Banner Super User.

Step 4 - Once your Application for a Banner Username form has been processed, and you have attended two training sessions, a username and initial password will be generated and issued by the SIMS Security Team.