Banner Super Users

Banner Super Users based in Faculties, Schools and Central Services.

Banner Super Users are able to provide support, guidance and promote best practice within their department. They are also able to carry out and sign off training, if appropriate.

Arts, Humanities & Cultures
Biological Sciences
Education Social Sciences & Law
Mathematics & Physical Sciences
Medicine & Health


Central Services

Arts, Humanities & Cultures
School / Office Super Users
Design Michelle Benson
Graham Clarke
Judith Simpson
English Lindsey English
Charlotte Heslop
Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies Alison Martin
History Esther Burton
Becky Williams
IDEA Vacant
Languages, Cultures and Societies (includes Classics and The Language Centre) Joyce Cai
Karen Charlesworth
Karen Priestley
Cathryn Reardon
Jane Smalley
Tamsin Wragg
Media & Communication Isobel Lester
Music Nicki Sapiro
Performance & Cultural Industries Jane Richardson
Nicki Sapiro
Philosophy, Religion & History of Science Charlotte Heslop
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Biological Sciences
School / Office Super Users
Faculty wide Lisa Corney
Shareen Kininmonth
Lyndsay Reid
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School / Office Super Users
Faculty wide Angela Tattam
Undergraduate Office Dee Healey
Eric Holland
Debbie Senior
Nicky Woolley
Anya Wright
Postgraduate Office Adrian Gibson
Katie Powers
Postgraduate Admissions Mitchell Robinson
Research Postgraduate Office Susan Bain
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Education, Social Sciences & Law
School / Office Super Users
Faculty wide Michael Byde
Sue Haines
Education Mary Bullivant
Sue Long
Law Katie Jones
Lindsey Joynson
Rachael Taylor
Politics & International Studies James Thompson
Sociology & Social Policy Debbie Westmoreland
Matthew Wilkinson
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School / Office Super Users
Faculty wide Annabel Gartside
Becky Whitaker
Chemical & Process Engineering Claire McConnell
Civil Engineering Sally Mortimer
Computing Ollie Clark
Charlotte Francis
Andy Linyard
Kieran Prendergast
Electronic & Electrical Engineering Vacant
Mechanical Engineering Vacant
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School / Office Super Users
Faculty wide Clare Ingle
Earth & Environment Martin Iles
Pakorn Phornnarit
Geography Jamie Mullen
Transport Studies Jo Moran
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Mathematics & Physical Sciences
School / Office Super Users
Faculty wide Helen Linyard
Chemistry Sarah McCann
Food Science & Nutrition Nicola Bhuller
Angela Morrison
Mathematics Louise Feaviour
Physics & Astronomy Jennifer Oakley
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Medicine & Health
School / Office Super Users
Faculty Office Jane Walkley
Dentistry Frances Clement
Healthcare Parmajit Bharj
Kath Bowles
David Gilchrist
Zoe Gilchrist
Jayshree Lad
LICAMM Andrew Shearing
LIHS Deb Hale
LIME Colin Avison
Josie Mellor
Medicine Vacant
Psychology Lesley McGorrigan
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School / Office Super Users
Lifelong Learning Centre Pat Dixon
Jane Hanna
Michelle Lotherington
Online Digital Learning Centre Helen Billington
Lisa Ronkowski
Staff & Departmental Development Unit Karen Duquesne
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Central Services
Service / Office Super Users
Alumni Nick East
Digital Learning Team Vacant
Disabled Students’ Assessment & Support Gregory Brachacki
International Foundation Year Becky Kester
International Office Fionn Brennan
Claire Freeston
Library Vacant
Quality Assurance Charlotte Armstrong
Residential & Commercial Services Lucy Havercroft
Heather Sugden
Security Ian Crawshaw
Malcolm Dawson
Sport & Physical Activity Susan Pimblett
Strategic Marketing Educational Engagement Katherine Dunlavy
TP Admissions Sofia Hepworth
Jenny Kettlewell
Nat Jones
UG Admissions Farooq Ahmed
Graham Rees
Sarah Whiteley
Strategy & Planning Andy Gaw
Joanna Gilbert
Student Operations PG Research & Operations Leanne Carr
Katherine Goodchild
Catherine Mills
Programmes & Assessment Neil Cockshaw
Chayley Davies
Richard Francis
Alice Hargreaves Jones
Alice Hornostaj
Adele Livesey
Stephanie Maccabe
Ling Mao
Laura Markey
Sharron Murphy
Noreena Wain
Carol Winning
Jill Williamson
Student Finance & Counter Services Rosie Dowen
Sarah Fabron
Alison Gant
Alison Jackson
David Jackson
Daniel Lockley
Renato Pallassini
Amanda Purchon
Lisa Webb
Study Abroad Lisa Beare
Stephanie Binks
Sophie Hollins
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