Symplectic Publications

The Symplectic Publications system is now the central repository for information about all publications authored by University members of staff and postgraduates.

All the Publications and Esteems that were in the ULPD system have been migrated to the new Symplectic Publications system.

The old ULPD system is no longer available.

Logging in to Publications (Symplectic) system

Log into the Symplectic publications system using your University provided DS username and password.

If you have both an ADMIN and a DS username, then you must login using your ADMIN username and password.


A Quick Start Help guide and Full User guide are available in pdf format, accessible from the Help menu once you have logged in.


In order to avoid a large unmanageable number of publications being returned it may be helpful to check the following:

  1. If your search settings do not have an Address or Start date, then please set your Address: as Leeds and/or the Start date: as 2008.
  2. If you have a Start date prior to 2008 and you are a prolific publisher, set the Start date to 2008 in the first instance. This will allow the system to return a manageable number of publications, you may approve/decline them as appropriate and then keep regressing the date a few years at a time, repeating the process, until you reach your original Start date.

To find out how to change your search settings, please refer to the Quick Start Guide available from the Symplectic Publication system's 'help' menu.

For support, please contact the IT Help Desk.


The system is intuitive in use and requires no formal training, however, if you would prefer to have some training in the use of the system, arrangements can be made. Please email Yunas Mohammed ( to express your interest.