SAP Account Management System (SAM)

SAP is available to staff that require access to Finance, Human Resources, Logistics (Purchasing, Sales and Plant Maintenance) or Research information as part of their role within the University.

If your role requires you to use SAP, your manager will make you aware of this.  If you move positions within the University please note your access will not automatically be retained, and you may need to request appropriate roles for your new position.  

The SAP Account Management System (SAM) should be used by managers and employees to gain access to the SAP system or to request additional roles for an existing account.
To get access to SAP:

The applicant must exist in the University organisation structure in, have a University network logon and University email address.  The applicant must have officially started work at the University.  If you are a contract worker, eg agency staff, and need access to SAP, your local HR representative may be able to create a temporary SAP record for you.

The applicant will be informed by email when their new SAP account has been created or new roles added.  The applicant will be emailed with their SAP user name and password if this is their first SAP role.
For those who are new to SAP it is recommended you attend the SAP Navigation course.  This will introduce you to SAP at the University as well as to the basics of using the systems and give an opportunity to gain some hands on practice.  Attending the Navigation training course will not give you access to SAP but will be an excellent foundation for the role based courses.

See SAP Account Management System (SAM) – further information