Health Sciences Library

Health Science Library

The Health Sciences Library is on Level 7 of the Worsley Building. The IT facilities are available when the Library is open. The cluster closes 15 mins before the library.


From the Worsley Airport Lounge on Level 7 of the Worsley Building walk through the double doors near Cafe 7 and turn left to enter the Library. Once you have passed the library barriers the entrance to the cluster is through the glass doors on your left.

Worsley Airport Lounge

Accessibility information

The cluster is flat with level access. The Mezzanine can only be accessed via a staircase.

IT Facilities

In the main part of the library you will find:

  • Self service Laptop Loan Lockers 
  • MyPrint Cash Loader for adding funds to your MyPrint account 
  • Change machine which will change notes into pound coins 


15 PCs 
2 MyPrint devices - print, copy and scan (A4, A3, Black & White, Colour)
1 scanner

Cluster Mezzanine:

9 PCs 

Health Science Library mezzanine

Training Rooms:

The cluster contains two training rooms which can be configured as one large teaching space (as pictured) or two separate rooms. 

Health Science Library Training Rooms

Training Room 1: 

12 PCs
Projection System 

Training Room 2: 

24 PCs
Projection System 

Bookings and Availability

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