Assistive Technology

Some clusters have height adjustable tables and assistive software.

Assistive Software

The Mindview and Texthelp are available in all clusters. 

  • Mindview is mind mapping software that allows you to visually brainstorm, organize and present ideas
  • Texthelp is a suite of tools that you can use alongside any windows program to help you write more productively

Zoomtext and Jaws are installed on the cluster computers which have attached flatbed scanners.

  • Zoomtext is a magnification and screen reading program
  • Jaws is a screen reader program

Zoomtext and Jaws are installed on all the computers in the following clusters:

 Brotherton Library
 Education/CBL 7.67
 IT Service Desk
 Social Studies

Adjustable Tables

Many of the larger clusters have electrically operated height adjustable tables to accommodate wheelchair users.

 Location  Adjustable Tables
 Chemical and Process Engineering G.06  2
 Bragg  4
 Brotherton Library (West Wing)  1

 Derek Wood printer room
 (between Fourman and Wood)

 Education/CBL 7.67  1
 Edward Boyle Library (level 9)  3
 Health Sciences Library  2
 Ingold  2
 Irene Manton 7.90 South  2
 Irene Manton 7.96 North  2
 Laidlaw Library  4
 Social Science 10.11  2
 Textiles G33/G34  3
 Woolhouse  1

Wheelchair Access

Generally clusters have wheelchair access, but Richard Hughes cluster and West Teaching Lab Upper cluster are only accessible by stairs.

Other Resources  

The Library Assistive Technology Rooms provide voice recognition, Jaws and Zoomtext  in quiet study areas

The Student Education Service have published a comprehensive list of other Assistive Technology resources that could help you when using IT.

Please contact Gwil Selwood if you have any queries, or if you have accessibility issues with our clusters or with University e-resources and websites.