Advertising on cluster computers

Did you know that you can apply to have an advert displayed on computer clusters across campus?

We provide a screen-ad service displaying ads on all central managed cluster PCs.

Submission guidelines

What is acceptable?

  • Ads relating to internal University business
  • Ads relating to a departments academic work
  • Ads relating to student welfare/safety

What is not acceptable?

  • Ads from anyone who is not a current member of the University
  • Ads for any organisation/group/person external to Leeds University.
  • Ads which could be seen to advocate a particular political or religious view point or could cause offence
  • Ads that are profit-making, for social events, concerts, fundraising, personal ads (house renting, mobile for sale, lonely hearts, etc)
  • Ads from student societies

We reserve the right to refuse any request for advertising.


  • All ads cost £25 per week excluding VAT.
  • Payment must be made in full before screen ad goes live.

A limited number of screens will be available free of charge for non profit-making student/staff safety and welfare issues.

Initial contact and general enquires

Contact the IT Service Desk


  • Image: A 1024x768 pixel JPEG, PNG or PPT file.
    (anything else may be resized/converted/etc and quality may be lost.)
  • Start date: When you would like the advert to start being displayed. (Week beginning XX)
  • Display length: How long you would like the advert to be displayed for. (Number of weeks)
  • Payment: The following methods of payment are accepted: cash, internal transfer, internal order or cheque made payable to: University of Leeds

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