Easter vacation cluster opening hours 2017

Here are the opening hours for the computer clusters over the Easter holidays.

The following clusters will be closed from Monday 27 March to Monday 24 April 2016:

  • Chemistry 1.44/1.44a
  • English 
  • Ingold
  • Parkinson B25/B26/B27

The following clusters will be closed at 17:00 each evening from Monday 27 March to Friday 24 April:

  • Woolhouse

Throughout this period the Laidlaw, Edward Boyle, Health Science & Brotherton Library PCs will be available until 30 minutes before each Library closes. Users should consult the Library opening & closing times for this information.

All clusters will be closed from 12:00 Thursday 13 April until 9:00 Wednesday 19 April. (All Library PCs will be available until 16:30 on Thursday 13 April)

During the Easter weekend the following clusters will be available (24 hours) by keypad access only to authorised University of Leeds users:

  • Bragg
  • Chemical and Process Engineering G06
  • Irene Manton 7.90 South
  • Irene Manton 7.96 North
  • Psychology 1.32
  • Richard Hughes/Textiles
  • Social Sciences 10.11
  • Textiles G34
  • West Teaching Lab Upper & Lower (Fine Art B16 & G29)

The keypad code can be obtained online at http://clustercode.leeds.ac.uk/. The code must not be given to any unauthorised person.