Resolving common problems

If something goes wrong when you're using Desktop Anywhere, then this page should help you quickly get working again.

Firstly, it should be noted that Desktop Anywhere works best with a faster, stable Internet connection and we always recommend running the latest version of Citrix Receiver. If you need help quickly, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Unable to login?

Please make sure you are putting ds\ or admin\ before your username. You do not need to include, and should be using your usual password. If you still can't log in, try logging into another system (such as Minerva) as your account may be locked out.

I'm getting a 'licenses in use' error

This is becoming less common, but can occasionally happen during very busy periods. Please wait 30 minutes before trying again. 

What should I do if my session has crashed, hung or closed?

Firstly, check that your computer or device is still connected to the Internet. Open a browser on your computer, and check you can visit external websites (such as Google or the BBC). If the Citrix Receiver has crashed the easiest thing to do is wait for five minutes (during which you must not try to reconnect) and then attempt to reconnect by clicking or tapping the appropriate icon in the Receiver (or web interface). 

Force Logoff

If the above advice isn't working, you can sometimes force a logoff and end your session this way.

  • On Windows, press CTRL + F1 and then select Logoff,
  • On Mac OS X, Ctrl + Alt (Option) + FN + Backspace and then select Logoff
  • On Linux, CTRL+ ALT + ENTER and then select Logoff.

Need to completely reinstall the Citrix Receiver?

If you are having lots of problems with Citrix Receiver, a complete uninstall and then reinstalling the latest version can help. Citrix provide their own Clean-up Tool which ensures that all versions are removed from your computer. Please not that this tool currently only works on Windows. 

Does my work PC need to be switched on? 

No, Desktop Anywhere doesn't use your work PC.

Why aren't all the cluster applications available?

The majority of the most-frequently used cluster applications are available on Desktop Anywhere, however some applications are not suitable for the Desktop Anywhere environment. This can be due to the way the application is designed (i.e. many older applications), due to the nature of the application (it is too graphics intensive i.e. CAD) or it is not possible to license it in the Desktop Anywhere environment.

Why can't I create items on the Desktop?

This is because files should be always be saved to network drives (such as the M and N drives) to ensure they are stored safely and backed up.

Accessibility features

The Accessibility Folder in the Start menu includes the Ease of Access Centre. This offers a number of features, including setting up high contrast and enabling an on screen magnifier. Microsoft have documented the functionality here (this will take you to an external site). To make the Ease of Access Centre easier to open it can be pinned to the Taskbar for future sessions.

The University has an investment in the Jaws (this will take you to an external site) screen reading software, however due to software issues with this product we are unable to currently provide the plugins required for it to work with Desktop Anywhere. Various vendors provide applications that allow zooming of the desktop to make things a little bigger, including ZoomText (this will take you to an external site) which is available in most clusters.