What Is Desktop Anywhere?

Desktop Anywhere provides access to University IT services in a familiar cluster-style desktop from anywhere with a stable Internet connection.

What is 2

Some key things you can access are: 

  • Some of the most frequently used applications
  • Home directory (M: drive) and departmental shared areas (i.e. N: drive)
  • On-campus services i.e intranets & Library services
  • Cluster printing
  • File copy between local drives and home directories/departmental shared areas.
  • Corporate Apps such as SAP and Banner

Applications don't need to be installed on your machine as they are hosted on our servers where you can take advantage of our computing power and secured storage.

Available Applications

A list of applications which are available on Desktop Anywhere via the Start Menu is available from the Software pages.

SAP, Banner and Raisers Edge are provided as separate links within the Citrix Receiver.

Banner Prod, Raisers Edge and SAP icons

When the icons are clicked the applications will appear as separate windows and will not run within the Desktop Anywhere desktop.

Access to these applications is restricted to authorised users of each system. If you believe you should have access, but the icon does not appear please contact the IT Service Desk.