Setting up on Mac OS X

Here's how to install the Citrix Receiver and setup Desktop Anywhere on a Mac.

Please note: This guide was created using Mac OS X (El Capitan), but the process is very similar on other versions.

Open your web browser and visit:

Desktop Anywhere Mac 1

Download the Citrix Receiver for Mac. (You may be taken to a second download link) and then double click on the downloaded CitrixReceiver.dmg file and click Install Citrix Receiver

Desktop Anywhere Mac 3

Once the install has finished, ensure 'Add Account' is checked and then click Continue.

Desktop Anywhere Mac 4

Enter the Server Address: (this is not your e-mail address)

Desktop Anywhere Mac 5

You should then be prompted to login. Enter ds\username (for example, ds\abc123) and then your usual password. If you are on the ADMIN domain, please enter; admin\username.

Desktop Anywhere Mac 6

Once logged in, click on the '+' symbol in the middle-left of the Citrix Receiver windows to add your favourite applications.

Desktop Anywhere Mac 7

Then select 'All Applications' and choose 'Desktop Anywhere' and File Transfer if you want to transfer files from your University M and N drives to your computer and vice versa.

Desktop Anywhere Mac 8

The applications selected should move into the middle of the screen, and then you should be able to click on them to launch. It may take 30 seconds to load.

Desktop Anywhere Mac 9

Desktop Anywhere is now installed. Please remember to log off when finished. The next time you want to use the software, you should just need to open Citrix Receiver, and logon with ds\username and password.