My print job isn't listed when I login at a MyPrint device

The most common reason for a print job not being listed at the printer is that you haven't yet clicked the "Accept" button when the MyPrint client pops up.

Other causes:

  • If the cluster computer was already logged in when you started using it then you have been using another student's account. You can only collect printing that is sent under your username. You will need to log into the computer as yourself and print your work again.
  • Go to Start, then Devices and Printers and check that 'Print on MyPrint' has a green tick showing that it is the default printer. If it is not the default printer, right-click 'Print on MyPrint' and choose 'Set as default printer.'  You will need to print your work again.
  • Check that the page size of your document is set to A3 or A4. If the document is set to use another paper size the MyPrint client will show this message: "The paper size you are trying to print is not supported. Click accept to delete this job and then change your page size settings in the application to A4 or A3."