Viewing your MyPrint history and available credit

You can use the MyPrint Portal to view your printing history and available credit.

Use your University username and password to log in to the MyPrint Portal.

Your MyPrint balance is divided into Free (F) and Purchased (P) credit. You may have received free MyPrint credit from your faculty, or as a result of completing a survey (free credit cannot be refunded.)

Any MyPrint credits you have purchased at a cash loader or online will be shown as Purchased (P) credit. If you have purchased credit the details can be found in the Transaction History.

The Transaction History displays time-stamped entries for any printing, scanning or copying you have done, with details of the MyPrint device you used, the number of sides, and the charge.

Uncollected printing will not be listed in the Transaction History as you are not charged for printing until you visit a MyPrint device and your documents are produced. Use the MyPrint Client to view your uncollected printing.