Printing for personal use (staff)

If you want to do personal printing you can either use the Print and Copy Bureau or buy printer credits and use the MyPrint printers across campus.

Where possible you should use the Print and Copy Bureau (located on Level 6 of the Roger Stevens Building) for all personal printing and copying.

There may be times when its not possible to use the Print and Copy Bureau services. If this is the case you can buy credit to use on the MyPrint service.

All members of staff have a MyPrint account, but the balances available will vary depending on departmental use of the MyPrint service. To identify which balance you have available visit and login with your University username and password.

Staff without a Copier balance

You can obtain credit online or by using one of the 4 money loaders located in the campus libraries. This credit is then deducted from your account as the MyPrint facilities are used.

Staff with a Copier balance

To pay for personal printing, you need to buy credit using cash at either the IT Service Desk or a Library enquiries counter. This credit is added to your free balance and then subsequently credited to your department's account within 24 hours to offset the cost of your personal printing.