Changing your MyPrint settings

By default MyPrint will print double-sided on A4 in black and white. If you need to print colour, A3 or single-sided copies you will need to change your printer settings.

Changing the printing options affects the cost of printing.

In your application choose print, then click "Properties" or "Preferences" (depending on the application.)

Click image to view full-size MyPrint preferences

Change the paper size

MyPrint printers are loaded with A4 and A3 paper. An error will be generated if you try to print using any other size of paper.

Using the Paper Size option you can specify A3 (or A4 if that isn't the size of your original document.)

To print single-sided

Use the Print Type option to switch to single-sided.

Please note that it is cheaper and more environmentally friendly to print a document 2-sided than it is to print it single-sided. 

To print in colour 

Use the Select Color option and choose Auto Colour to print in colour. When this option is selected the cost of printing will be intelligently calculated - colour print costs will only be applied to pages in the document that contain colour, any pages that only contain black and white will be charged at the lower rate.

To print A5 booklets 

Use the Print Type option and select Booklet.