Requests to add, remove or move a Konica device

All requests to add, remove or move a Konica device should be made via the IT Service desk.

Request for a new device

New device requests are assessed on a case by case basis considering a number of factors including:

  • The number of people likely to use the device
  • The predicted print volumes
  • Building layout
  • Safety implications (proximity to staircases, impact on emergency exit routes, fire safety)
  • Possibilities for optimising the locations of existing devices
  • Overall Konica fleet size

Request to relinquish a device

If you no longer require a device we can arrange to remove it, and redeploy it elsewhere in the University

Request to move a device

If you want to relocate a device we will apply many of the same assessments as a request for a new device. Once a move is agreed we will : 

  • Assess the logistics of the move, including safety aspects
  • Advise whether new network or power points need to be installed
  • Agree a schedule for the move
  • Arrange for Konica engineers to come on-site to move the device
  • Update all the back-end systems

Under no circumstances should you attempt to relocate a device yourself.