Konica device faults

Problems with Konica devices in student clusters should be reported directly to the IT Service Desk. Local university staff are expected to clear paper jams and replace toners for devices that are not in dedicated student areas.

Warning Light 

An orange warning light will be lit if there is a problem with the device 

Amber Warning Light

Nothing Printing

If your document hasn't printed out, and the warning light is lit please tap the "Job List" button on the touch-screen to display the list of documents that are queued for printing.

MyPrint queue list

If there is document listed with a "Printing Error" status then tap to select it and then tap "Delete".

The device will then start printing the other documents in the queue.

Usually a Printing Error occurs when the device has been asked to print or copy something that is not A4 or A3, and the device is waiting for the correct paper to be placed in the Bypass Tray.

Paper Jams 

Staff can clear paper jams by following the on-screen guidance. The display will show where the jam has occurred and will indicate which flaps need opening to find the paper. Tap the "Start Guidance" button on-screen for step by step help.

Start Guidance

There may be several sheets that need to be removed from different areas. Inside the device use the green handles and knobs to reveal the paper. Please observe all warning and caution notices displayed inside the device. 

Other problems 

Other problems should be reported to the IT Service Desk. Please include the Equipment Number (displayed on the front of the device) along with a description of the issue, and any errors displayed on screen.