Ordering & replacing toners for Konica devices

Konica devices display a "Toner is low, replace when indicated" warning when a toner cartridge is becoming depleted. 

The device should be able to print another 2000 pages of text (less if the documents contain a lot of images) before the toner cartridge is completely depleted.

Ordering Toner 

When the "Toner is low" alert occurs the device will automatically order a replacement toner. These are shipped from Konica directly to the printer's location, and typically take 2-3 days to arrive.

If automatic toner ordering is not appropriate for your area, please contact the IT Service Desk to discuss alternative arrangements.

Replacing a Toner 

Staff should only replace a toner when the devices shows the Replenish Toner alert on-screen. 

Replenish toner alert

Which Toner?

Toners are model specific. Before replacing the toner check that you have the right type and colour of toner: 

Device Model Toner Black Yellow Cyan Magenta
C284e TN321 K Y C M
C308 TN324 K Y C M
C454e, C554e TN512 K Y C M
C458, C558, C658 TN514 K Y C M
C654e TN711 K Y C M