Ordering & replenishing paper for Konica devices

IT supply standard white A4 & A3 paper for the Konica Minolta devices (80gsm, 100% recycled). 

  • A4 is supplied in boxes containing 5 pads of 500 sheets.
  • A3 is supplied in pads of 500 sheets.

Ordering Paper

It takes 2 to 3 days from ordering to delivery, so please place your order before you completely run out.

To order paper email the IT Service Desk with the following information for the delivery:

  • Contact name & phone number
  • Building & Room
  • Number of boxes of A4
  • Number of pads of A3

The Service Desk will issue you with a reference for your request. When the paper arrives you must inform the IT Service Desk (please include the request reference) so that the goods receipting process can be completed.

Replenishing Paper 

If paper is incorrectly positioned in a tray the Konica device will not use paper from that tray.

Trays 1 & 2 are universal trays which can take a pad of A4 or A3. Please use the blue paper guides to position the paper in the correct place. Do not fill above the load line.

Tray 1 & 2 correctly loadedTray 1 & 2 not correctly loaded

If the device has a large capacity Tray 3 please load the paper in two stacks.

It takes 5 pads of A4 to completely fill the large capacity Tray 3. You cannot load A3 paper in this type of tray.

Each stack must be flush against its side of the tray leaving a gap between the stacks.

When the paper is positioned correctly the yellow bar at the rear of the tray will be in its forward position. Do not fill above the load line.

The device will use the paper from the right hand stack. Once this is exhausted the device will move the left stack across to the right and start using it.

Tray 3 correctly loaded Tray 3 incorrectly loaded