Connect using Wi-Fi Setup - University of Leeds

You can set up your Wi-Fi connection automatically using the Wi-Fi set up tool. Follow these instructions to get your device connected to eduroam.

Please note that the Chrome browser may not automatically re-direct you to the configuration tool website, if this is the case, please try to browse to

From the list of available networks, select: WiFi setup - University of Leeds

When connected to the wireless network, open a browser and go to an external website. You should be re-directed to the JoinNow configuration screen. Choose 'eduroam' unless you are a Central Admin member of staff, in which case choose the 'eduroam for Admin Users'. If you are not redirected, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Landing page for Wifi Setup
  1. You will be re-directed to an external web site ( Please follow the instructions, then select JoinNow Joinnow wifi screen
  2. Depending on your device operating system, you'll be guided through a wizard. This will configure your mobile device with the settings required to connect to eduroam.
  3. During this process you may be asked to run an installer or install certificates or a profile onto your device. These settings are required to connect to eduroam.
  4. During the configuration process you'll also be asked to enter your username. This is your standard University computer username, with added on to the end - for example
  5. When prompted for your password, enter your normal University password. Password for wifi
  6. When the wizard has completed installing the required settings, it will disconnect you from the setup network, then automatically connect you to eduroam
  7. When this completes, the wizard will advise you of a successful connection. Your device will continue to automatically connect to eduroam.

If you are not from the University of Leeds you will need to contact your home institution for help. More details can be found at this address: