How to get computer access for your visitors

Find out how to get temporary usernames for your visitors.

A temporary username will let your visitors log on to computers in the library, cafes and many lecture theatres, as well as connect to the wireless and wired networks.

To do this you need to advise them to apply online at:

Some departments have a small batch of usernames that they can issue to short term visitors. Please contact your Departmental IT User rep. 

The IT Service Desk does not issue temporary accounts.

Connection of Visitors’ Computer Equipment to the University Network

Connecting to the Wired network

Longer-term visitors who want to connect private computer equipment to the University’s wired network must have their equipment checked by either departmental technical support staff or IT Service Desk staff, and virus protection brought up to date first.

Connection to the Wireless Network

Visitors will need a University of Leeds user account. If your visitor does not have access to eduroam from their own institution you will need to apply for a username or speak to the Departmental IT User Rep. Where there are numerous visitors on a short-term visit you can buy temporary user-ids in bulk for a nominal fee. You are then responsible for:

  • giving these out (within your allocation)
  • for getting agreement (by way of signature) from those users that they agree to the acceptable use requirements in the University’s Use of Computer Systems Policy.