Using an App to access OneDrive

You do not need to install an App to access OneDrive - University of Leeds but if you do you can access your files more easily from that device.

You can always use a web browser to get to your files and documents, but once you activate OneDrive you can install an App to get create a local, offline, constantly updating copy of your files.

Apps are available for PCs, laptops, tablets and phone devices.  Users of Office 2013 will already have the OneDrive Sync client available.  You need to make sure your device is secured before using an App to create an offline copy of your files.  If you don't you may not be protecting your data as outlined in the Staff Terms and Conditions for use of OneDrive.  These Terms & Conditions must be read by staff before using OneDrive Apps.

Depending on the device you may need to do things a bit differently.  Use the links on the right to pages for specific devices, or use the general instructions below.

  1. Visit the Microsoft website to Download One Drive for Business App for your device.
  2. Install the App.
  3. Log in to the App with your University of Leeds ; ; University password.  
  4. Now, log in to OneDrive - University of Leeds using a web browser.
  5. Select the "Sync" option from the OneDrive home page to create your offline copy of files.

There is also a video showing how to setup sync  for your OneDrive - University of Leeds on the Microsoft site

You should also to be aware of the following; 

  • The 'Shared with Everyone' folder should only be used for content you wish to be publicly visible. 
  • You need enough space on your device to sync your whole OneDrive - University of Leeds, you cannot choose to sync part of the folder.
  • The first time you setup sync you will be able to change the location the local copy of the files are placed in.  After this you will need to stop syncing all folders and setup syncing again to change this. 
  • Some file types and characters in file names are not allowed in OneDrive.
  • You can only sync 20,000 files using a OneDrive client, if you have more files than this the sync will stop.