Microsoft Forms

This page shows you how to create surveys and questionnaires quickly using Microsoft Forms

Important Notice: Please note that as data is stored by Microsoft in the US, do not include confidential information in any questionnaires created in Forms. Microsoft's privacy policy can be viewed here. If you would rather create a Bristol Online Survey account, please email the IT Service Desk from your University email address requesting an account.

How do I access it?

As a member of the University, you should already have access to Microsoft Forms. To access it, visit You will need to login with your Once logged in, click on the Forms tile.

Forms 1

How do I use it?

Once logged in, you will have the option to create a new form.

Forms 2

You can then select which type of questions you want to include by clicking the + sign. You can choose different types; for example, you may have a quiz and a choice question. You can then customise the options for each question however you like.

Forms 3

Once created, you can preview and finalise your questionnaire and then share it directly by email or send a link.

What support is available?

At the present time Microsoft Forms is not supported by IT, so is provided for you to use without being able to log calls to support the application. 

An FAQ is available on the Microsoft Support site (and through Form’s online help)
Support documents are available on the Microsoft Support site and Microsoft introductory videos are also available on YouTube and online help within Microsoft Forms

How does Forms compare with Bristol Online Survey? 

Below is a table comparing the two services.

Bristol Online Survey Microsoft Forms
Multiple Choice Yes Yes
Free-text Yes Yes
Date/time Yes Date only
Scale/rank  Yes Scale can only be 1-5 or 1-10
Grid  Yes No
Quiz  No Yes
Sub-questions  Yes No
Add other media  Pictures can be added No
Branching  Yes Yes
Sections  Yes No
Multiple pages  Yes No
Access control  Public, password protected, list of respondents Public, only people in the University
Save and complete later  Yes No
Share survey/results  Yes No
Look and feel  Various themes (including University logo) Various themes
Analytics   Basic analytics, export in various formats Basic analytics, can export to Microsoft Excel