Security of your OneDrive documents and files

If you are a member of Staff, it is your responsibility to comply with the Terms and Conditions of usage (see Related Downloads) when using the OneDrive - University of Leeds service.  This service will be available to staff soon.

Securing all devices

To prevent data loss all staff are required to ensure the following security controls are active on all equipment which is used to access OneDrive - University of Leeds service:

  • PIN or password access control;
  • PIN or password protected timeout after a period of inactivity;
  • Where available, have anti-virus software installed and fully up to date.

Remember, to ensure the security of your data never share passwords.  If you want your OneDrive documents or files to be available to others you can share your files or folders directly from your OneDrive

Additional security for mobile devices

The following security controls must be active on portable or mobile equipment which is used to access OneDrive - University of Leeds service:

  • Data encryption
  • Find my device 
  • Remote wipe

Security of your files in the cloud

OneDrive - University of Leeds complies with the University of Leeds policies on safeguarding data and Information Protection and is the only University approved cloud service for hosting University file storage. OneDrive - University of Leeds achieves this by ensuring that data is:

  • automatically protected in more than one location
  • version controlled so that previous versions of documents can be accessed rather than lost
  • supporting recovery after deletion for up to 90 days
  • by default only being available to the end user and known University IT support staff.  
  • only accessed by University administrative staff under strict control complying with access control and account management policies
  • complying with EU data protection and safe harbour legislation
  • subject to existing Freedom Of Information Access (FOIA) and data protection policies as with all University managed data 

When you leave the University you must ensure that any OneDrive - University of Leeds data is made available to relevant University of Leeds staff.  Data held in your OneDrive will be permanently removed at an agreed period after you have left the University.

If you believe there has been a data security breach you should immediately report what has occurred to the IT Service Desk