Getting started with OneDrive

Your OneDrive - University of Leeds gives you 1 TB of cloud storage. It allows you to view, edit and save your work on any device that is connected to the Internet. 

Using a web browser

You can access OneDrive from any device (PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or phone) using a browser. There are a wide range of supported browsers listed by Microsoft which cover all major operating systems. You must login through the web browser at least once in order to "activate" the service. 

To activate the service;

Activation may take a few hours to complete. Once activated you can start to store and share your work files using the web browser. 

If you use Office 2013 on a PC, you can click the "Sync" option on the OneDrive page to create a local, offline, synchronised copy of your OneDrive files and documents which will kept updated. There is a video showing how to setup sync  for your OneDrive - University of Leeds on a Microsoft site.

Using an app

As well as using the web browser, you can install an App which will create a local, offline, copy of your OneDrive folders and documents.  Because an App creates a local, offline, copy of the OneDrive all staff must read and comply with Terms and Conditions for using OneDrive in the related downloads section.  There are also requirements for staff to secure devices before installing an App on any device.

The App will synchronise any changes when connected to the internet, keeping the cloud and offline copies of your OneDrive - University of Leeds documents and folders the same. Office 2013 has an integrated OneDrive App.

What happens if it doesn't connect? 

If you can't connect to OneDrive - University of Leeds, then you might be logged in to a personal or Hotmail account. It won't work if you are. Try the following:

  • Log out of, and then delete the settings for your personal account in the device
  • Download and install the OneDrive for Business app
  • Add your account details for your OneDrive - University of Leeds account. Always remember to add at the end of your username eg when you log in.
  • Now re-add your personal OneDrive account to the device 

Now you should be able to access both services.

What happens if my computer's drive becomes full?

If you setup local sync, OneDrive keeps a copy of the file on your computer so you can access it offline. However, if you store a lot of files in OneDrive, your computer's disk space can fill up. If this happens, you can choose a different location (such as another drive on your computer or an external drive). Please see the following guide for information on how to do this. Alternatively, you can contact the IT Service Desk to look into a fitting a larger hard drive in your computer.