How to embed videos from VideoLeeds

This page explains how to embed content that has been published to VideoLeeds.

Embedding allows you to add videos from VideoLeeds to your website content management system. This allows people to watch the content on your page without accessing it via an additional link. 

Navigate to VideoLeeds and locate the content you wish to embed. If you know which Channel the content has been published to, you can search via the Channel link, or simply type in the title or keywords in the Search field.

A screen shot of how to search on the VideoLeeds homepage

Click on the title of the video to open the web player 

Screen shot of search results in VideoLeeds

When in the web player click on the 'Embed' option.

Screen shot showing how to embed content from VideoLeeds

You can embed the video or the whole webpage, we would recommend you normally embed the video. Copy the embed code and paste into your website content management system.

A screen shot showing the embed page

Here are examples of what the embedded content looks like:

Embedded video:

Screen shot of an embedded video from VideoLeeds

Embedded page: 

Screen shot of an embedded page from VideoLeeds

Please note, this embedded content will only be visible to people who have access to it. 

To make your content available to members of the university or to the public, you will need to publish it first.