How to publish your recording to VideoLeeds

Using My Mediasite you can publish your recordings to VideoLeeds.

You can access My Mediasite directly or by logging into Minerva and selecting the My Media tab.

Once you have logged in, locate the recording by searching or browsing to it in the usual way and make sure the video is set to 'viewable' from 'private.'

Select the video by clicking on it and make sure it has a suitable title, description, tags, links, presenter etc.

Select the 'Publish' tab.

Please note, the following options are not currently in use: 

Publish to a Catalog

Filter by showcase (optional) - The University of Leeds currently only has one showcase titled VideoLeeds. 

A screenshot on how to publish content to VideoLeeds via Mymediasite.

Select 'Publish to a Showcase Channel.'

Select the Channel you would like to publish to.

You will then be asked to acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions which you can read through before ticking the box.

Screenshot of terms and conditions agreement and publishing options

Then choose who you would like to make the recording available to:

  • Everyone - the video will be viewable by the general public
  • Logged-in Users -  the video will only be viewable to staff and students at the University of Leeds.

Select an option and then click 'Add' 

The Channel(s) the video is published to will then be displayed under 'Manually published channels.'

A screenshot of the channel your content has been published to via MyMediasite.

Click Save.  

The video is now published to VideoLeeds.


To unpublish content, you will need to remove the channel(s) from the recording in My Mediasite.

Locate your recording in MyMediasite or via Minerva

Click on the 'Publish' tab. 

Click on the X located next to the channel name and then click save:

A screen shot to show how to un-publish content from VideoLeeds via Mymediasite.