IT Service Desk staff Code of Conduct

It is important that your question or problem is dealt with in a professional and helpful way. The IT Service Desk team follow a Code of Conduct which helps ensure you get the best possible service. Find out what we expect from our team.

All IT Support Advisors must demonstrate a service attitude at all times. This includes:

· Taking ownership of a user’s incident or request and seeing it through to resolution or referral

· Conveying a genuine willingness to help

· Increasing user confidence through a professional and positive attitude

· Treating all users with respect and courtesy

· Focusing attention on the user and the resolution

· Keeping users informed

· Giving accurate information without apportioning blame

· Do not ‘fluff’ your way through. If you don’t know the answer seek guidance

· Understand the business need whilst also focusing on a solution for the  users

· Focusing on business needs while also providing users with best possible service

· Demonstrate a flexible approach

· Take personal accountability – admit to mistakes and errors

· Follow the documented processes and procedures

· Providing the same level of quality and service to all users in order to remain fair and consistent

If you would like to comment on the service you have received from us please take a moment to complete our customer feedback form.