Transition from LUTube to VideoLeeds - Frequently Asked Questions

LUTube has been replaced by a new service, VideoLeeds, part of the University’s lecture capture and media management system. This page gives you the answers to some Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is LUTube being decommissioned?
LUTube has not been supported by IT since December 2013. It was developed in a programming language for which there is no longer any expertise in IT and is running on infrastructure which is shortly due to go out of support. Playback is not supported on mobile devices.

When is LUTube being decommissioned?
On 28 September 2015 IT removed the ability for staff and students to publish new content to LUTube. The service will be fully decommissioned by the end of July 2017.

What is VideoLeeds?
VideoLeeds, the replacement for LUTube, is a portal for staff and students of the University to share audio and video content internally with members of the University and externally with the public. The service is part of the Mediasite lecture capture and media management system which enables staff and students to create, store, manage and publish audio and video content from a single place.

Will my LUTube content be migrated to Mediasite?
The criteria below have been agreed for migrating content to the lecture capture and media management system

LUTube content will be migrated to Mediasite but will not be automatically published to VideoLeeds.

The decision to publish onwards to VideoLeeds or to delete content from the system will rest with the content producer.

  • Staff, RPG and student content with 10 or more views since January 2016 will be imported
  • Content belonging to staff and students who have left the University or retired will not be migrated. Schools will be consulted to determine whether it is needed.
  • Content belonging to a project account with 10 or more views since January 2016 will be imported.
  • Content published under the ERA license will not be imported as views cannot be restricted according to the terms of the license.

When will my LUTube content be migrated to VideoLeeds?
IT will migrate existing LUTube content that meets the criteria to Mediasite between 8th and 30th June 2017. Users will be contacted in due course. Remember that migrated content will not automatically be published onwards to VideoLeeds. This will be the responsibility of the content producer. 

Will embedded links to LUTube content be updated with the new location?
No, embedded links to LUTube content (such as the VLE) will not be updated with the new location in the lecture capture and media management system. 

How will I know when my LUTube content has been migrated?
For every item migrated to Mediasite, the system will automatically send an email confirming your recording is available.  This will contain a link to view the recording in Mediasite.

Will the LUTube metadata be migrated?
Yes.  The recording title, description, tags and license information will be migrated, as well as the original date the recording was uploaded to LUTube.

My LUTube content has been migrated to Mediasite.  Where can I publish it to?
You can publish recordings to VideoLeeds and the VLE, share a link or embed a recording. See the quick guide to republishing LUTube content migrated to Mediasite.  

I received an email that my recording failed to process.  What should I do?
You do not need to do anything. The system will automatically notify IT of any processing failures and an attempt will be made to re-import the LUTube recording within 3 working days.  In the event of a further failure, IT will open an investigation.

I uploaded videos to LUTube on behalf of another user.  Now they appear in my Mediasite folder. How do I transfer them to the original content producer?
If the recording does not belong to you, please forward the email notification and the name of the original content producer to the IT Service Desk to request that the recording is reassigned.

I have embedded other user’s LUTube videos on my website.  How do I find out the new embed code for the Mediasite version?
If the recording has already been published to VideoLeeds, you can copy the embed code from there.

If the recording hasn’t been published to VideoLeeds, you will need to contact the producer to make the recording available on VideoLeeds or provide you with the share link or embed code.

If you don’t know who the content producer is, please log a request to the IT Service Desk providing the LUTube link and video title where possible.

I link to a LUTube video belonging to a user who is no longer a member of the University.  How can I ensure the recording is migrated to Mediasite so it can continue to be used?
You will need to seek approval from your Head of School / Service for the ownership of the recording(s) to be transferred to another individual.  Please forward evidence of approval to the IT Service Desk and the recordings will be migrated. 

How can I create new content for VideoLeeds?
Content can either be uploaded into the lecture capture and media management system, created using the Mediasite Desktop Recorder software or captured in a teaching space using the ad hoc recording software on the podium PC.  Recordings can then be edited if required or published to VideoLeeds via the MyMediasite interface.

See the quick guide to republishing LUTube content migrated to Mediasite.

For further information, see the IT website