Cached Exchange Mode

If you have experienced problems with Outlook pausing, hanging, freezing or crashing, when using Office 2013, you will probably benefit from running Outlook in cached exchange mode.

If you turn on Cached Exchange Mode you will be able to continue to access your recent emails even when there are problems connecting to your network or internet connection.  

This is the recommended and preferred way to setup Outlook 2013

Note: From February 2017, IT will begin to enable Cached Exchange Mode automatically on all computers connected to the University network. When this work is complete you will no longer be able to turn off Cached Exchange Mode. You will however still able to tell Outlook how much mail to keep offline (see below). 

  • Go to File> Account Settings >Account Settings > Change >
  • Tick 'Use cached exchange mode'. 
  • Set the slider so that the 'Mail to keep offline' is set to 12 months.
  • Click 'More Settings...' > Advanced
  • Ensure that 'Use Cached Exchange Mode' is ticked but leave the 'Download shared folders' and 'Download Public Folder Favourites' tick boxes unticked. Click 'OK'.
  • Now click Next > Finish > Close and you will be asked to restart Outlook for the changes to take effect.

After you have made this change and restarted Outlook it may take a few minutes for your offline cache of email to become available, but then you can carrying on using Outlook as you did before.

With the ‘Mail to keep offline’ slider set to 12 months, you may find that you need to click an additional link in order to view older messages. This link will appear at the bottom of the mail folder:

picture of "Click here to view more on Microsoft Exchange" message


If you frequently work with older messages, you may wish to change how much mail is kept offline. You can increase this to 24 months, or set it to “All” to store your entire mailbox. Please be aware however that this may take up a large amount of disk space on your computer, depending on the size of your mailbox.

Note: If you create a new profile in Outlook 2013 this will be set to use cached exchange mode by default, keeping 12 months mail offline.