Policies and Procedures

This page contains information about the University's email retention policy, what happens to your emails when you leave the University and other policies.

Leaving the University 

This is the University's position regarding keeping your emails when you leave. 

  1. Members of staff only have the right to copies of genuinely personal emails.
  2. Copies of other emails (or categories of email) can be obtained only with the approval of the head of school or service concerned, whose permission will not be unreasonably withheld.
  3. In determining whether or not to authorise particular emails and categories of email, a head of school will need to be satisfied that copying the material in question will not:
    • jeopardise fulfilment of the University's data protection obligations;
    • otherwise compromise the security of data which should be kept confidential;
    • undermine the University's interest in any particular piece of intellectual property.
  4. By taking a copy of their email with them each member of staff is also committing that their actions are not in breach of the requirements above.

Will Microsoft be able to access my email?

No, the information held in Office 365 is managed, controlled and available only to approved University of Leeds staff.  This information is not available to Microsoft staff and is not scanned or recorded for the purposes of advertising or targeting of marketing information.

You can find out more about Microsoft security and privacy

Does Microsoft have access to my account information, such as my password?

No, Microsoft does not have access to your account information. Your username and password details are created and managed by the University of Leeds.

Will there be any advertising for users of this service? 

No. The Office 365 service used by the University is managed, controlled and hosted on commercial servers and services.

This is separate from the consumer services like Outlook.com, which may receive advertising, or be otherwise targeted as part of marketing activities carried out by Microsoft.