Using apps on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet

You can use apps on your phone or tablet to get your email or to use other Office 365 functionality. Some apps only work on the latest phones, so check before installing.

Apps are small computer programs that you can install onto a smartphone, tablet or PC which give you additional features, such as notifications and integration with other things you may have on your device phone.

There are a number of apps available to use with Office 365. You'll need to go to your device's app store to get them.

Choose your device to see what apps are available and what they do.

Android phone

Android tablet



Windows Phone 8/8.1

Windows 7/8 PC

The recommendations above are based on our understanding of the various Apps available, some limited testing and guidance from App developers.  Unfortunately, we are unable to provide direct support for any Apps listed due to the range of devices and operating systems in use.  Please contact the App developer if you encounter any issues with an App in your device.