What is OneDrive and how can I use it?

OneDrive- University of Leeds is a work related personal cloud storage area which can be used create, store and share folders and/or individual documents. 

OneDrive - University of Leeds provides 1TB (terabyte) of cloud based storage which:

  • Gives you your own cloud storage area which you are responsible for controlling access to  
  • Lets you create, store and edit documents using Microsoft Office Online, without having Microsoft Office on your computer
  • Allows you to share access to and work on files collaboratively with colleagues both inside and outside the University;
  • Eliminates the need to use USB memory sticks, other removable media or manually copy data onto any mobile devices
  • Lets you recover documents that have been deleted within the last 90 days; and,
  • Provides integrated version control, allowing previous versions of documents to be stored and accessed.
  • It is different to OneDrive (personal), which is a personal storage area for users of Outlook.com or Hotmail.
  • It is Managed by University of Leeds staff and must be used in compliance with University policies and procedures.

You can also store and access private (non-University) data as well as personal work-related data - but you should make sure your private data is clearly labelled as such. 

OneDrive - University of Leeds is the only cloud based facility which is approved for the storage of University Classified information, but such information should only be stored for as long as necessary to achieve the immediate sharing requirement. Highly Confidential information (as defined in the University’s Information Protection Policy) must only be stored in OneDrive - University of Leeds if encrypted. 

More information on using cloud-based facilities for University data.  

What can it be used for?

  • creating, storing and sharing work related documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote)
  • ideal for storing work related documents which you need when you're away from your computer
  • viewing Office content without the need to have Office installed on the desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, using Office Online
  • unclassified or confidential information - the sort of information you might send by email 
  • limited collaborative access to documents at individual and group level within and outside of the University
  • creating a locally synced copy of your OneDrive - University of Leeds storage for offline working

Before using the App all staff must comply with the University policy on securing devices accessing OneDrive - University of Leeds.

What is not used for?

  • It's not a replacement of your Home Directory (M: Drive) which is still the recommended location for the long-term storage of Highly Confidential information
  • It's not a replacement for your University departmental file storage (N: Drive).  The N: Drive is to be used for the storage of all shared school/departmental files
  • It's not a fully featured document sharing facility. You can create a locally synced copy of your folders and documents, and other users can do the same thing if you give them access to the content using a web browser.  Document and folder check-out is not possible for users who you are sharing content with, nor is the assignment of administrative permissions to them.  As a result, document sharing capabilities are limited.
  • It's not a place to install software  
  • It's not a place to store files used to run software or hold user settings required by software
  • It's not for highly confidential information (unless encrypted)

This service is only available while you are studying or working at the University of Leeds.

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How much space do I get?

You have 1 TB (terabyte) of file storage, which can be used for work related documents, photos, sound files, video clips and more.

Using, connecting to and syncing your files

  • You can access OneDrive - University of Leeds from any internet connected device such as a desktop computer, laptop, phone or tablet. 
  • It automatically saves any changes you make as you are working
  • Any deleted documents can be restored for up to 90 days
  • You can use it on any modern web browser, or operating system
  • You can sync your data to local storage (the hard drive on your computer, tablet or phone)
  • It automatically has version control enabled. This means you can always go back through and check older versions of something you were working on.
  • There's lots of Office 365 apps that help you to connect to it from many devices. 

Find out how to get started with OneDrive - University of Leeds.

Limits of OneDrive

As well as accessing files through a web browser, you can also use a OneDrive for Business sync client to create a locally synced copy of your OneDrive - University of Leeds.  As well as the upload limits listed above, the sync client has the following additional restrictions: 

  • The total number of files which can be synced is limited to 20,000
  • You need enough space on your hard drive to sync the all the files in your OneDrive or the sync action will not complete and you will have problems using your PC
  • You must sync your whole OneDrive - University of Leeds, you cannot choose which files or folders to include. 

To start using the OneDrive - University of Leeds and set up your sync client, please follow the instructions on how to get started with OneDrive.  Users of Office 2013 will already have the Sync client available.