Setting up email on iOS (iPhone and iPad)

The following instructions show how to setup Office 365 e-mail on an iPhone. This tutorial was created using iOS 8 but the process should be similar for recent versions of the operating system.

Please scroll down for a video tutorial which shows the setup on an iPad.

On your iPhone, tap on Settings and scroll down to Mail, Contacts Calendars.

o365 iphone 1

Tap on Add Account and choose Exchange.

o365 iphone 2

Enter your full e-mail address, and usual university password. Changing the description is optional, but it can be helpful to change it if you have multiple e-mail accounts on your phone.

o365 iphone 3

If you receive a 'Cannot verify identity' error, please click continue. Then please enter the server address as:, leave the domain blank and enter your username in the format: Please note this is different from your e-mail address. You may need to confirm your password again.

o365 iphone 4

You will then be taken to a screen where you can configure what to synchronise with your iPhone. We recommend syncing Mail and Calendar only. It is OK to sync your contacts, but there is a possibility that this may overwrite existing or duplicate any contacts on your phone.

Once this has been completed, please click Save.

iphone o365 6

Your account should now be successfully configured.

Please see the video tutorial below which shows you how to setup an iPad.