Social Bookmarking

What is it?

Social Bookmarking - is an effective way of saving your favourite web pages to an online area, as well as of collaborating with other researchers / lecturers / individuals interested in the field. You can also tag these pages with keywords so that they are easer to find and organise and had personalised descriptions to pages. The immediate result is that you are no longer dependent on using the same computer in order to access your Favourites / Bookmarks - they will always be available online.

Moreover, you can also see what other people around the world have spotted and tagged with the same keywords as you.  You can choose to explore their links or follow them as their collection of links grows thus creating a social network of people across the world interested in the same topics as you.

Finally, it is possible to generate RSS feeds from individual keywords and embed the RSS feeds into the VLE. This allows you to create reading lists of sites for students to visit or alternatively invite your students to create individual or shared lists of bookmarks.

There are many tools available for this purpose and it is worth spending some time exploring a few to work out what suits you best.  Popular tools include:

Where is it available?

These tools are online services which you can access from any device with an internet connection.

What support is available?

These tools are third-party services and can be used on a personal basis.  The University acknowledges that colleagues use these tools but does not offer any specific support.  Any support information can be found under the 'further information' section.

Further Information

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