Box of Broadcasts (BOB)

What is it?

Box of Broadcasts (BoB) National is a collaboration between Cambridge Imaging  Systems and the BUFVC (British Universities Film and Video Council is a simple to use, off-air recording system that maximises the potential offered by the ERA (Educational Recordings Act) Plus license recently purchased by the University.

BoB allows any authorised user to schedule a digital recording of any programme appearing on Freeview or free-to-air satellite services and add it to personalised playlist.  Recordings are selected from a key-word searchable, web-based programme guide, which displays 7 days of digital TV and radio broadcast information. All requested digital recordings are stored in a database that can be searched, accessed and tagged by any authorised BoB user.

Where is it available?

Bob is an online service and is available to staff at the University of Leeds

What support is available?

BoB is supported by the Digital Learning Team.

Further Information

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