What is it?

Drag'n'drop actvitiy creator (Dragster) - An easy to use tool that creates interactive drag and drop labelling activities. Sophisticated feedback functionality allows each labelling attempt to be graded as correct, close or incorrect with answers displayed on mouse rollovers of labels.

Correct and close target areas for labels can be defined of any shape and in any number. Users can be allowed to create draggable labels during the activity and then finally print out their labelled diagram. Dragster activities are published as a set of Internet files that can be uploaded onto a web server or VLE for delivery to students. 

Where is it available?

Use of the Dragster system is available free to University of Leeds staff (set up a free trial account on the Webducate website using your official Leeds email).

What support is available?

Dragster is a third-party service and is used on a personal basis.  The University acknowledges that colleagues use Dragster but does not offer any specific support.  Any support information can be found under the 'further information' section.

Further Information

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