How to get software for home use

There are different ways to get software for home use depending on the particular application. 

Software for home use can be obtained by the following means:

  • Desktop Anywhere
  • The IT Shop  
  • University of Leeds OnTheHub

Desktop Anywhere

Desktop Anywhere is a virtual desktop which is available to staff and students. It offers many of the Cluster Desktop applications and can be accessed using a small piece of software called Citrix Receiver (see the Desktop Anywhere web page).

The IT Shop

The IT Shop gives staff and students access to site-licensed software (where home use is included) for local installation. Areas covered include charting, image processing and design, mapping and GIS, maths and numerical analysis, statistical analysis and miscellaneous. There is a nominal administrative/media charge and use of the software is allowed for as long as you remain a member of the University.  

University of Leeds OnTheHub

University of Leeds OnTheHub gives:

  • Staff access to Microsoft Work at Home products for a nominal charge
  • Staff and students free access to Microsoft Imagine Standard products
  • Staff and students of science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) departments free access to Microsoft Imagine Premium products
  • Staff and students of STEM departments free access to VMware products

The first three options are available as a result of the University's Microsoft Campus agreement. The VMware products are made available via the University's VMware Academic Program.

Members of staff are not allowed to continue using the Microsoft Work at Home, Microsoft Imagine Standard/Premium or VMware products after they have left the University. Students are allowed to continue using the Microsoft Imagine Standard/Premium products after they have left the University but are not allowed to continue using the VMware products.

Disclaimer Please note that by visiting the website of University of Leeds OnTheHub, you enter into a contract with the supplier and consent that any personal data which you provide will be processed by the company. You also consent that this may include your data being passed to companies outside the EU. You further consent to anonymised sales figures being passed from the company to the University of Leeds. Please review the privacy notice University of Leeds OnTheHub Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

It is also important to familiarise yourself with any applicable terms and conditions issued by the company governing the purchase and use of their products.

Note: The IT Service Desk does not sell software.