What is it?

MATLAB is a numerical computing environment and high-level programming language that has similarities with other languages such as C and Python. MATLAB, short for Matrix Laboratory, is optimised for managing matrices, this makes it ideal for handling, analysing and presenting large amounts of data and for undertaking mathematical modelling. It is used extensively in academia and industry in areas such as science, engineering and economics.

Photo of person using MATLAB

Where is it available?

As of the 1st August 2017, the University of Leeds is a MATLAB Enabled Campus. MATLAB is available on the Cluster Desktop in the following Central IT Clusters:

  • SCAPE G06
  • Chemistry 144
  • Chemistry 144a
  • Cohen A & B
  • Psychology 1.43
  • Richard Hughes
  • Textiles
  • West Teaching Lab (Upper & Lower)

in a number of Engineering IT Clusters and for installation on University-owned computers.

This license agreement gives the whole staff and student population at the University access to a personal copy of MATLAB and Simulink amongst other benefits. The licence covers the entire suite of MATLAB toolboxes, a total of 83 products, all of which are free to install on your personal laptop or desktop computer.

Please note that the licence is for one year in the first instance, until 31st July 2018, and covers teaching and non-commercial research only - see The MathWorks, Inc. Software License Agreement for the full terms and conditions of use.

To undertake an installation you will first need to register with MathWorks using your University of Leeds e-mail address. If you already have a MathWorks account you will not need to re-register, just use your existing login (providing it is associated with an e-mail address).

When completing the registration form, please ensure that you select the most appropriate Department in the drop-down box. Your e-mail will be verified by MathWorks and through the University’s IT Service. Please note that installation on University-owned computers should be undertaken by your Faculty IT or the IT Service Desk through the normal route. Follow the link below to commence an installation:

Photo of University of Leeds MATLAB portal

Installers are available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. You will need Administrator rights on your computer to undertake the installation. System requirements for the installation can be found at

If you are an academic, you may wish to inform your students and researchers of the MATLAB Enabled Campus Agreement. Please direct them to this page for information.

What support is available?

External resources

MATLAB Enabled Campus also provides access to MATLAB Online, which allows access to MATLAB through a web browser. It can be found at

MATLAB mobile is also available to install as an app on smart phones and tablets from the Apple store and Google Play. Linking the app to the licence will expand its capability - see

Access to MATLAB Onramp and a range of online training courses is also available. OnRamp provides some basic interactive MATLAB training and there is a range of online modules covering different topics, this includes the MATLAB Fundamentals course which may be useful for beginner MATLAB users - see

Additional video tutorials and support can be found at

MathWorks will also be delivering a number of workshops on campus throughout the year on a range of different MATLAB tools. These will be advertised through IT Training Services when confirmed.

For further information, please contact Andrew Jackson in the School of Mechanical Engineering - e-mail