MyPrint on staff computers (Windows)

If your department is signed up to the MyPrint service you can use any of the 250 MyPrint devices across the campus. 

Connecting to MyPrint

If you don't have the print queue Staff_COL on your university computer you can add it yourself.

  • Copy the following text 

  • Click on the Start button in the bottom left corner
  • Paste the text in the search box
  • Press the return (enter) key on your keyboard

Paste text into the search box on the Start menu

MyPrint client

The MyPrint client is an optional piece of software that allows you to see your un-collected print jobs. 

Click on the arrow in the System Tray area near the Clock, then double-click the MyPrint client icon.

MyPrint Client

Click the Magnifying Glass icon next to the document if you need to delete it, or if you'd like to see the number of pages, page size and colour settings. 

Click image to see full size

MyPrint Client

The DocuPRO Status for each print job will be "Waiting for payment" - this does not mean you have insufficient credit or that you have to pay - it just means the document is waiting for you to go to a MyPrint printer and collect it.

If you don't have the MyPrint client and you would like it to be installed please contact the IT Service Desk - they will need your computer name.