Where you can print, copy and scan

There are more than 250 MyPrint devices in over 60 buildings across the campus. In addition to printing all MyPrint devices can be used to photocopy and scan too.

MyPrint Devices


There are MyPrint devices in the each of the Libraries (Opening Hours):

Brotherton Library
Edward Boyle Library
Health Science Library
Laidlaw Library
St James Hospital Library

24 Hour Clusters

You'll find MyPrint devices in these clusters, which are always open, but you will need the Cluster Code code to gain access:

Cluster Building Room(s)
Bragg University Staff Centre 10.01, 10.04, 10.05
Chemical & Process Engineering Chemical & Process Engineering G.06
Manton Irene Manton 7.92
Psychology Psychology 1.32
Richard Hughes Clothworkers' Link 1.40
Social Sciences Social Sciences 10.11a
Textiles Clothworkers' Link G34
West Teaching Labs Arts MB.16, G.29


MyPrint devices are located in all these clusters:

Cluster Building Room(s)
Cohen Chemistry 1.40
Education E C Stoner 7.67
English English 2.02
Fourman Worsley 8.49
Ingold Chemistry 1.46
Parkinson Parkinson B27
Tim De Dombal Clinical Sciences (St James's) 4.17b 
Woolhouse Parkinson B32
Worsley Worsley 8.38, 8.39

Print Copy Bureau

There is a MyPrint device in the Print Copy Bureau in Roger Stevens on Level 6.

Faculty Areas

Many Faculties & Schools also maintain MyPrint devices which are available for student or postgraduate use: 

Faculty / School Building Room(s)
Business School Maurice Keyworth 2.21, 2.38
Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Entrance Lobby, 5.03, 5.04, 1.111
Computing E C Stoner 7.10, 10.39
Dentistry Worsley 6.013, 6.093
Earth & Environment Maths/Earth and Environment 9.156, 9.161, 9.162
Design Clothworkers' Link 1.39, 1.73
Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering 1.60, 2.61
English 5 & 7 & 9 Cavendish Road 1st floor landings
English English Workshop Theatre 1st floor
Fine Art Fine Art B17, 1st & 3rd floor corridors
Law Liberty G.01
Media & Communications Clothworkers North G.17
Healthcare Baines Wing 2.30
Mathematics Maths, Earth & Environment 8.31, 9.28, 10.08, Level 10 foyer
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering 2.40, 1.51, 4.42c, 5.34, 5.34c,
Modern Languages and Cultures Michael Sadler B2, 1.30, foyer areas on levels B, G, 1, 2
Music Music and Clothworkers' Centenary Concert Hall 1.17a
Social Sciences Social Sciences 9.01, social areas on level 11 & 12
Transport Studies Transport Studies 3.06


The following Residences have a MyPrint device:

Central Village
Charles Morris Hall
Devonshire Hall
Lyddon Hall
Sentinel Towers
St Marks Pavillion