Printing from university computers

You can send work from the Library or Cluster computer you are working on and collect it from any MyPrint device at a time that suits you.

Printers are very busy around essay submission times. You should always allow plenty of time to get your work printed if you have a deadline.

Sending your work to the printer

1. Click on Print to send your document. To save paper and money the default setting is to print on A4, double sided, in black and white.  Choose Preferences to change paper size, colour, etc.

How to change your printer settings

2. A window will pop up showing you details of your print job and how much it will cost. You need to click Accept in order to print. If you click on Delete the document will be removed from your list. It won't get sent to the printer and you won't get charged.

Click image to view full size

MyPrint Accept Dialog

Collecting your work from the printer

3. At the printer you can either log in with your username and MyPrint PIN, or swipe your card (staff need to register the card first.) Use the touchscreen to select the document(s) you want to print and press the Start button.

Register your staff card

Set up a MyPrint PIN

Viewing your un-collected printing

The MyPrint client lists the documents that you have waiting to be collected from the printer. Items will be removed from the list when they are printed or after 72 hours (whichever comes first.)

Click on the arrow in the System Tray area near the Clock, then double-click the MyPrint client icon.

MyPrint Client

Deleting jobs

You can delete print jobs from the MyPrint client. Click on the Magnifying Glass icon next to the document you no longer require and click Delete when prompted.

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MyPrint Client

You can also delete print jobs at the printer. Log in to the printer, use the touchscreen to select the documents you no longer require and click the on-screen Delete button.